Gedichte und Lyrics

Dieses Gedicht ist am 28. September 2002 entstanden.
Eine leicht veränderte Version entstand am 14.10.2002.
Es war bis zum heutigen Tag das einzige Gedicht in Englisch.

------- [08] ------- My Love

My heart is beating, sad and slow.
The pain in me, it starts to grow.

The dreams I had were like a kiss,
the way to hold the one I miss.

In each of us there is a room, the soul inside will leave me soon.
My thoughts, my body, are with you. There's nothing more that I can do.

You gave me hope, you were my life.
More than a friend, less than a wife.

And every day, it's much to clear, the one I love - will you stay here?
It's not a dream, it lasts so long, the love we share cannot be wrong.

But in my world a sea of tears, and only you can take my fears.

I will love you till the end of all time...

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